The Mystery of Music

In Development
Format & Type: Live-action film
Duration: 90'
Production company: Overlock Entertainment
Country of Production: Bulgaria
Target audience: Children 7-9, Children 10-12, Teenagers, Young Adults
Genre: Musical
Estimated Budget: €561,230
Confirmed Budget: 15%
Looking for: Co-Producer, Sales agent, Distributor

After the sudden death of her grandfather, a talented young singer, Emma, and her mother, Ana, return to the small Bulgarian town of Kazanlak. There, Emma discovers her grandfather’s unfinished musical and decides to stage it to reclaim his stolen piano, meeting new friends and rediscovering her mother’s lost dreams along the way.

14-year-old Emma lives in London with her mother Ana (35). Emma has a talent for singing, but keeps it a secret from her mother. After the sudden death of Emma’s grandfather Peter, the two return to Bulgaria for his funeral. Peter was a musician and was a very valued person for the people in the small Bulgarian town of Kazanlak Ana’s hometown. There, Emma meets Monica (14) – a gypsy girl with a talent for singing. Monica was Emma’s grandfather’s student. Emma makes friends with the rest of Peter’s students – Kiro and Mityo. They reveal to Emma that Peter had written his own original musical called “The Mystery of Music”, but he has not been able to stage it. Kancho, the town usurer, claims that Peter owes him a lot of money and takes his piano. Emma’s grandmother is devastated, because the piano was Peter’s most prized possession. Emma decides that she must get the piano back. It occurs to her that she with her new Friends – Monica, Kiro, and Mityo can stage the musical and buy back the piano with the money from the tickets. And that is where the Journey begins.

Pitching team

Aleksandar Chobanov

Writer, Director, Producer

Aleksandar Chobanov is one of the leading Bulgarian scriptwriters and creative producers. He is the creator of some of the most watched Bulgarian TV series and films. Author of young adult novels and others. Librettist of one of the biggest Bulgarian musicals „The Book of Dreams”, directed by Broadway director West Hyler. He is also the producer of the children's educational program at the Sofia Philharmonic.

Ralitza Merdjhanova


Ralitza Merdjhanova is Producer/choreographer of one of the biggest original Bulgarian musicals "The Book of Dreams". She is the founder and manager of the largest dance school in the country: Dance Station, whose students have had a number of successes on the international stage in musical theatre and have been accepted to some of the most prestigious performing arts universities in the world. Ralitsa, together with her team, choreographs for children and young people and together they create performances for a wide audience. She is part of the teachers of the World Dance Council. A graduate with a PhD in pedagogy towards the development of contemporary arts education programs for children and youth, Ralitsa has been professionally involved in dance arts for over 20 years.

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