Young Horizons Lab 2023/2024. Wrap up!

photo by Piotr Kruszak

The 9th edition of the Young Horizons Lab, a script development programme is completed. Within the last six months we had a pleasure to watch the progress of 5 projects during the three onsite 3-day group sessions in Warsaw and online consultations with Philip LaZebnik in between.

Projects developed during the 9th edition of the Young Horizons Lab:

  • “The Nutcracker” based on “The Nutcracker” by E.T.A. Hoffmann, written by Chiara Romano
  • “Pucio” based on the series of books “Pucio” by Marta Galewska-Kustra, written by Martyna Wojcieszek, Rafał Skarżycki and Marta Galewska-Kustra, produced by EGoFilm
  • “Suzanne the Noble” written by Tytus Niewiedział
  • “Until Death Do Us Part” written by Nawojka Wierzbowska and Natalia Krawczuk
  • “Wings” based on the series of books “Przystanek szkoła” by Karolina Kwaśnik, written by Karolina Kwaśnik, directed by Monika Majorek

Variety – that is a key word that has been with us throughout this edition of the Young Horizons Lab. From the project for preschoolers based on a very popular series of book “Pucio”, through the film about the group of friends and princess based on the medieval legends, Lena’s adventures on her way to discover what gives her wings, modern twist on classical story with Christmas in the background, up to hilarious series for young adults about the Lady Death. Such different projects were developed under the guidance of Philip LaZebnik.

Pitching in front of industry experts to end this edition

We all know that writing process is hard but we also know that presenting your ideas and looking for producers is sometimes even harder. This is why the workshop ended up with a projects presentation and networking lunch with industry experts.

In this place we would like to thank Anna E. Dziedzic from Crew United for helping our participants to prepare for a pitching and sharing the tips what to do and what to avoid when you are looking for partners. We would also like to thank Natalia Cupryjak from Canal+ Poland, Maria Pułaska-Białkowska from Storytel, Grzegorz Wacławek from Animoon, Cezary Kruszewski from Next Film, and Mateusz Możdżeń from Young Horizons Distribution who accepted our invitation and gave feedback to our participants.

Thanks to our partners

The 9th edition of the Young Horizons Lab was organised by Young Horizons and co-financed by Polish Film Institute and co-organised by Creative Europe Desk Polska in partnership with Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission and Mazovia Institute of Culture.

Connect with our participants

This is only a start of a journey for our participants! We keep our fingers crossed to see all of the projects in cinema, on television or VOD platforms. And if you would like to know more about the projects, please contact us, we will be more than happy to connect you with our participants. Contact:

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