Festival screenings with English subtitles and MediaLab


The Young Horizons Industry forum is an industry part of Young Horizons Festival. We invite everyone with Young Horizons Industry accreditation to join the festival screenings.

The screenings with English subtitles during the Young Horizons Industry are listed below. The full programme (in Polish) is available on the festival page.

To collect your free tickets show your accreditation at the Młode Horyzonty Festiwal / Young Horizons Festival Welcome Desk in Kinoteka or Kino Muranów.


In the meantime, we also invite you to visit MediaLab located in Ethnographic Museum (Muzeum Etnograficzne), Kredytowa 1, Exhibition hall/Patio.

Opening hours:

30.09–1.10 (Saturday–Sunday)
10:00–17:00 – join any time!
2–6.10 (Monday–Friday)
9:30, 11:00, 12:30 – registration necessary
7–8.10 (Saturday–Sunday)
10:00–17:00 – join any time!

The MediaLab is addressed to young viewers aged 4+. The VR installations are recommended for persons aged 13+. But regardless the MediaLab is a place where you can not only watch a film but also contribute to it with your breath and moves, or even become its protagonist! Have fun in our digital playground and learn more about the world of film, games, and virtual reality.

The programme includes the VR breath-controlled game “Deep”, the interactive installation “Story Scope” that allows participants to create their own animations, and “Cosmogonic”, the first Polish VR film based on Stanisław Lem’s books.

The MediaLab has been created in cooperation with the Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw.

Festival screenings with English subtitles in Kinoteka and Kino Muranów

Argonuts (Pati i klątwa Posejdona)

  • 3 October, Kinoteka, 18:00
  • 5 October, Kinoteka, 11:45
  • 6 October, Kino Muranów, 17:45

dir. David Alaux, France 2023, 95’, live action

A grand adventure of very small creatures! The fearless mouse called Pati and her feline friend Sam set off on an adventure-filled journey through ancient Greece. With their friends on their side, they cross stormy seas and confront mythological creatures, rising to the challenge of Poseidon himself.

Pati is a smart mouse who secretly dreams of becoming a great heroine. Along with the gentle cat Sam, she lives a quiet life in Ancient Greece. Things change when the jealous Poseidon commands the townspeople to build him a statue as magnificent as the one built for his brother Zeus. In order to save the residents from Poseidon’s curse, Pati will embark on a search for the mythical jewel. Together with Sam the cat, a mischievous bird pirate, and Greece’s greatest hero Jason, they will make a journey to the mysterious island. On their path, they will encounter the hostile Cyclops, the hundred-headed Hydra, and the ominous Kraken. Together, they will understand that a true hero does not have to be big. Set sails for the adventure!

Bigman (Mecz o wszystko)

  • 3 October, Kinoteka, 12:00

dir. Camiel Schouwenaar, Netherlands/Germany 2022, 90’, live action

Dylan along with his friend Youssef is getting ready for a football tournament – and nothing else matters to him. However, an unfortunate accident disrupts his training. Will the boy return to the pitch and lift the cup of his dreams?

Until now, Dylan’s life has revolved around running and scoring goals. He was cheered on for that by his favourite YouTuber and his dad, the team coach. The determined striker can’t accept the fact that he must suddenly start moving around in a wheelchair. During his recovery, he is giving it all, but everything seems to suggest that he will never be a professional athlete again. He has yet to come to terms with his friend Youssef being the team leader. Still, the boy finds the drive to perform, and his limits become his incredible strength.

Girls’ Stories (Dziewczyńskie historie)

  • 4 October, Kinoteka, 11:45

dir. Aga Borzym, Poland 2023, 60’, documentary

Jagoda, 11, and Zuzia, 13, are neighbourhood friends. They are both hitting puberty now, so menstruation, their changing bodies, boys, and plans for the future are the main topics of their conversations.

Nothing feels better than time spent with a friend! Slumber parties under the stars and hours spent in the yard together – no one understands you as well as she does, and you can talk to her about everything: about first loves and your relationship with your parents, about the perception of your own body and the upcoming first period, about school and the strange bans and orders imposed there. Jagoda and Zuzia are genuine, bubbly, and ready to take on the world! This body-positive and de-stigmatising film tells the story of what it’s like to be an adolescent girl, and you won’t be able to stop listening to the conversations of the two charming protagonists.

How I Learned to Fly (Lato, kiedy nauczyłam się latać)

  • 4 October, Kino Muranów, 11:45

dir. Radivoje Andrić, Serbia/Croatia/Bulgaria/Slovakia 2022, 85’, live action

12-year-old Sofija was supposed to go camping with her friends. However, her grandma takes her to Croatia instead. This is where her sister lives and they haven’t met for ages. Can this summer be saved?

First kiss, making friends, and creating memories for years to come – Sofija has big plans for the coming months. However, her stay in the island of Hvar doesn’t promise to be an adventure at first. After all, her grandmother stuffs her with sandwiches and drowns her in sunscreen, embarrassing the girl in front of others. To make matters worse, it’s hard to get the internet access here! However, the girl won’t forget this holiday for a long time for another reason. When she learns about the existence of a never-before-seen cousin and family secrets come to light, Sofija will realise this very summer how important it is to know her relatives better. This is a humorous cross-generational story bathed in Croatian sunshine.

Hug Me. The Honey Seekers (Przytul mnie. Poszukiwacze miodu)

  • 5 October, Kinoteka, 10:00

dir. Anna Błaszczyk, Poland/China 2022, 70’, animation

Little Teddy dreams of a honey birthday cake. Sadly, Daddy Bear can’t make his wish come true – all the beehives in the forest are already empty! The bears must set off for the Golden Land to find the most important cake ingredient.

The heavy rainstorm has destroyed all the jars of the golden delicacy reserves. And nothing has survived in the beehives either. After overhearing the bees’ talk, Little Teddy realises that he will find plenty of honey in the mysterious Golden Land on the edge of the forest. Although his dad would rather stay in the cave and take a nap, Teddy talks him into going on an adventure together. This is going to be his first long trip ever, and he will prove that he is big and brave! The animation is based on the book ‟Hug Me Please” by Przemysław Wechterowicz, illustrated by Emilia Dziubak.

Katak, The Brave Beluga (Katak. Podwodna przygoda)

  • 6 October, Kino Muranów, 10:15

dir. Christine Dallaire-Dupont, Nicola Lemay, Canada 2022, 82’, animation, 5–9

Katak wants to grow up so badly, but he still looks younger than his peers. On top of that, very few others believe that he is capable of being independent. However, an unusual ocean voyage will turn his life around by 180 degrees. Now is the time to conquer the great North!

Katak is one of the belugas, or white whales, whose name comes from the white colour of their body. They aren’t born like this; they turn brighter with age. Katak’s skin remains persistently grey, so he has to use a different way to prove to the whole bunch that he is no longer a baby. When his grandmother talks dreamily about his grandfather living at the other end of the ocean, Katak decides to take matters into his own flippers. As he searches for his relative, he joins forces with an intrusive but hilarious sturgeon and finds out that practising scuba diving has been worth it. The young marine mammal will learn about the importance of family and will no longer feel like a fish out of water among his loved ones!

Kaytek the Wizard (Kajtek Czarodziej)

  • 5 October, Kino Muranów, 11:45

dir. Magdalena Łazarkiewicz, Poland 2023, 105’, live-action, 9–12

The gentle story about the magical world of children’s imagination, growing up, and improving the world bit by bit captures the most important treasures of Janusz Korczak’s philosophy: every child should be loved, respected, and allowed to dream!

Every child wants to have magical powers. But what if the dream comes true? Kaytek, a teenage boy with a rowdy nature, grows up with his dad and grandmother. One day, the class prankster discovers he has supernatural abilities. This unusual talent, combined with the boy’s unruly character, means a lot of trouble, not only for the school but also for the whole town. The boy’s magical powers take control of his life and from now on, he deals with the disliked teachers and the entire school community, gaining popularity and fame among his classmates. But things get complicated when the forces of good and evil start to compete for the boy gifted with magical abilities. Which side will the young wizard choose?

Lampo, the Travelling Dog (O psie, który jeździł koleją)

  • 4 October, Kino Muranów, 12:00

dir. Magdalena Nieć, Poland 2023, 95’, live action

Now transferred to modern times, the story was made famous by Roman Pisarski’s book. The film depicts the friendship between a child and an unusual dog traveller who has felt the pull to a grand adventure ever since his puppy days, and touched millions of hearts with his rail journeys.

The life of Zuzia, whose dad Piotr works in the rail, is changed beyond all recognition when Lampo, an extraordinary travelling dog, comes into her life. The unique sheepdog, whose train journeys become an Internet sensation, immediately turns into the best friend to the girl with a heart condition. Unfortunately, the manager, envious of Lampo’s fame, tries everything to remove the dog from his station. Once he succeeds, Zuzia, separated from her beloved companion, falls ill. Even though everyone tries to help her, it soon becomes clear that only the dog’s affection and friendship can be the cure that the girl so desperately needs. ‟Lampo, the Travelling Dog” is an evergreen film for the whole family with a happy ending and an adorable white Swiss shepherd dog as the main protagonist.

A Mystery on the Cattle Hill Express (Zagadka Klary Muu)

  • 4 October, Kino Muranów, 17:45

dir. Will Ashurst, Norway 2023, 65’, animation

Klara Moo and Gavin, a pair of smart detectives, are about to solve yet another mystery! The stakes are high this time because the magic seed that can save Cattle Hill has disappeared. Who stole it and why did they do it?

Albert Einswein’s invention – a brilliant, even if slightly greedy, visionary piglet – is demonstrated on board a modern train. After his prototype, which enables plants to grow even in unfavourable conditions, has vanished, one of the passengers is under suspicion. The famous rabbit detective, Agatha Christensen, with the help of Gavin and Klara Moo, begins an investigation. Questioning, collecting fingerprints, and carefully looking into the deepest nooks and crannies of the train carriages will lead to a finale that not even the most diligent trackers would expect!

Nelly Rapp – The Secret of the Black Forest (Nelly Rapp i sekret Mrocznego Lasu)

  • 6 October, Kinoteka, 18:00

dir. Johan Rosell, Sweden 2023, 90’, live action

An exciting adventure lies ahead for Nelly Rapp and her dog London! The monster expert sets off on the trail of her missing mother into the Black Forest to find the mysterious Mirror of Death. But how will she cope with werewolves, trolls, and other monsters?

The Christmas break did not look promising. Nelly’s dad took his new girlfriend and her smug son Vally on a trip to visit Uncle Hannibal and Lena-Sleva. The ghastly agent has a different idea of how to spend her free time. When she finds an article reporting the disappearance of workers building a nearby railway route, she doesn’t hesitate for long. Together with her “foster” brother and London, her basset hound, she tries to unravel the still unsolved mystery and to see her missing mum in the Mirror of Death. A visit to the Black Forest, where she will face werewolves, phantoms, and other mythical monsters, will help her confront her past and treasure the present.

Nina and the Hedgehog’s Secret (Wielka przygoda Niny)

  • 3 October, Kino Muranów, 18:00
  • 3 October, Kinoteka, 10:15
  • 5 October, Kino Muranów, 10:00

dir. Alain Gagnol, Jean-Loup Felicioli, France 2023, 77’, animation

When 10-year-old Nina’s dad suddenly loses his job, the girl tries to help him with all her strength. Together with her neighbour Mehdi and a resourceful hedgehog, Nina sets out to find a hidden treasure in an abandoned factory. Will the girl get what she wants?

Nina and Mehdi’s parents are less enthusiastic about their children’s ideas. They worry about them and don’t want them wandering around the forest all day. On top of that, the entrance to the establishment is guarded by the greedy janitor Lupin and his dog, whose barking makes your hair stand on end! However, Mehdi, Nina, and the little cartoon hedgehog she met thanks to her gifted dad don’t get discouraged by the obstacles and take it step by step to plan how to enter the abandoned factory. With cleverness and trust they begin to place in each other, they move closer to finding the hidden treasure. The grand adventure is about to begin!

The Quiet Girl (Cicha dziewczyna)

  • 6 October, Kinoteka, 20:00

dir. Colm Bairéad, Ireland 2022, 94’,

‟The Quiet Girl” has broken into this year’s top five films nominated for an Oscar in the Best International Film category. Colm Bairéad’s beautiful, atmospheric feature debut, shot in the Irish countryside, tells the story of 12-year-old Cáit, who arrives at the home of her relatives in the countryside. The previously quiet, somewhat timid girl begins to open up to the world and delve into the mysteries of her new home. The film, awarded at the Berlinale, creates an atmosphere in an exceptional way, magnetising viewers with what is unsaid and with its wonderful camera work. It is a warm, moving, emotional story about the unobvious bonds between a child and adults as well as the innocence of childhood. The simplicity and poeticism of ‟The Quiet Girl” bring to mind films such as ‟Petite Maman” and ‟Summer 1993”.

Robot Dreams (Pies i Robot)

  • 3 October, Kino Muranów, 17:45

dir. Pablo Berger, Spain/France 2023, 101’, no dialogue, animation

The friendly, yet somewhat shy Dog doesn’t want to be lonely anymore. The Robot offers a helping paw – or rather a metal hand. Will this friendship stand the test of time?

Thanks to a friend, the New York four-legged creature is finally coming back to life. He now has someone to play video games with for hours, skate in Central Park, and enjoy the sunsets. However, during a visit to the seaside, a mishap occurs: the Robot rusts and, immobilised, gets stuck in the sand. The dog is trying to save him by any means necessary. He even breaks into the beach, which gets him behind bars! The dialogue-free animation takes you on a nostalgic journey through the aesthetics, lifestyle, and music of the 1980s, teaching you why it is important to cherish your relationships and nurture those beautiful memories. This film is based on a graphic novel by Sarah Varon.

The School of Magical Animals (Szkoła magicznych zwierząt)

  • 6 October, Kino Muranów, 12:00

dir. Gregor Schnitzler, Germany/Austria 2021, 89’, live action

The school that Ida goes to is quite an unusual place. Here, you can meet magical animals who become the kids’ companions. What will happen when the girl meets Rabbat the fox?

Ida doesn’t feel at ease in her new class, but her teacher knows how to make the girl more comfortable at school. A bit of magic will help: Ida makes friends with a fox and her shy classmate Benni – with a tortoise. The animals have unusual abilities: they speak with a human voice, do tricks, and enjoy playing. In the meantime, mysterious thefts begin to happen in the school corridors. The distinctive sign of their perpetrator is a big yellow smile. Together with her new classmates, the girl tries to discover who the thief is. She would not be able to solve the mystery without her friends – animal friends, too! – and identifying the culprit alone wouldn’t be possible!

The School of Magical Animals 2 (Szkoła magicznych zwierząt. Tajemnica szkolnego podwórka)

  • 3 October, Kino Muranów, 10:15
  • 4 October, Kino Muranów, 18:00
  • 6 October, Kinoteka, 10:15

dir. Sven Unterwaldt, Germany 2022, 90’, live action

An extraordinary school, where the pupils are accompanied by magical, talking animals, is celebrating its 250th birthday! An anniversary like this needs to be marked with a special performance. While most students are working on it, somebody else is digging holes in the yard every night. But why?

The friendly Ida is supported by Rabbat the fox, while her friend Benni is accompanied by Henrietta the turtle. Other animals in the class include a helpful chameleon and a slightly mischievous penguin. The troupe, led by Miss Cornfield, gets the task of staging a play about the beginnings of the school. It soon turns out to be quite a show! The principal has his own idea for a story, and the selection of the lead actress stirs up a lot of emotion. At the same time, they have to figure out why the schoolyard still looks like Swiss cheese with plenty of holes in it. The second part of Margit Auer’s book adaptation shows that challenges like this are easier to overcome as a team!

Scrapper (Georgie ma się dobrze)

  • 4 October, Kinoteka, 18:00

dir. Charlotte Regan, Great Britain 2022, 84’, live action

Georgie, aged 12, claims to be looked after by her uncle Winston Churchill, but in fact, she lives alone. The girl’s life turns 180 degrees as she meets her dad for the first time.

She does everything her own way. She cooks what she wants, looks after her spiders, enjoys every free moment with her friend Ali, and pays her bills by stealing bicycles. A savvy teenager living in the suburbs of London doesn’t need anyone else to be happy. This is why she is at first reluctant to host her dad, who has returned from Ibiza to look after her. On top of that, Jason is not acting like a very responsible parent anyway – he finds it difficult to cook and is constantly leaving a mess behind! Understanding each other won’t come easy, but daughter and father will learn that it’s good to have a loved one by your side in spite of your disagreements.

Sea Sparkle

  • 3 October, Kino Muranów, 12:15
  • 5 October, Kino Muranów, 17:30
  • 6 October, Kinoteka, 11:15

dir. Damien Huyghe, Belgium/Netherlands 2023, 98’, live action

The sea is Lena’s second home. The girl wins sailing competitions every year and her dad is second to none when it comes to fishing. Thrown in at the deep end, can she cope with the next big challenge?

Lena’s father, a ship captain, knows the rough waves like the back of his hand, but this time, he has not returned from his expedition. The cause of his ship’s disappearance has not been established. There may have been a breakdown in the weather, or perhaps someone in the crew made an error. However, Lena has another explanation: a giant creature lives in the sea and is responsible for the incident. Along with her friend Kaz, and Vincent, who works at the oceanarium, she follows the trail of the mysterious sea beast and tries to prove a point to everyone. This intimate story, appreciated by critics and festival audiences, teaches us how to accept loss and why it is important to speak up about your emotions.

Who are you, Mamma Moo? (Mama Mu na Gwiazdkę)

  • 4 October, Kino Muranów, 10:00

dir. Christian Ryltenius, Sweden 2023, 63’, animation

Mamma Moo is not like all the cows. While the other animals are politely grazing on the grass, she comes up with more and more ideas! Now she’s dreaming of a mooo-sical, but first she needs to get herself out of unforeseen trouble.

She might sometimes behave like a bull in a china shop and things don’t always go her way. Still, Mamma Moo’s curiosity for the world never leaves her even for a moment – otherwise, life would be very boring. However, she has to put her plans to be a singer and actress aside for now, because little Lina’s brother’s beloved cuddly toy has disappeared somewhere. Mamma Moo, together with her friend, Mr. Crow, takes the bull by the horns and starts an investigation on the farm. Time is tight, the teddy bear passes from hand to hand and even gets lost underwater, but for the smart cow, this is just more motivation to act. Let’s get a mooooove on!

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