Announcing the first project selected to the Young Horizons Industry 2024!

still: Welcome to Vegetown

“Welcome to Vegetown” is the first title selected to the next edition of the Young Horizons Industry.

The project was chosen and awarded by Zofia Horszczaruk, Head of Young Horizons Industry at Animarkt Stop Motion Forum.

As part of the award, the stop motion animated series automatically qualified to the pitching sections and will be presented at Young Horizons Industry in Warsaw in 2024.

photo credit: Mikołaj Zacharow

Project description

The plot of “Welcome to Vegetown” revolves around a main character named Jane, a young teenage strawberry who dreams of becoming a famous outlaw. However, our heroine faces a major obstacle: a pretty little strawberry is expected to blush silently in her corner, to be cute and sweet, and certainly not to embark on an adventure like a spicy chili pepper! Jane would like to be obedient to please her mother, but she cannot be satisfied with the predetermined path so she escapes reality and imagines grand gallops in the desert, perhaps forgetting that in reality, she might end up as compote.

At the stage of life where one must start choosing their path, Jane will gradually discover how difficult it is to assert herself and take responsibility for her choices. While Vegetown and her family will always try to bring her back to her role as a strawberry, her dreams of adventure will push her down paths where she may risk losing what she holds dear and even giving up her values.

Additional information

“Welcome to Vegetown”
Format: stop motion animated series 11 x 13’
Target audience: 8-12 years old
Director: Sylvain Delcourt
Co-authors: Sylvain Delcourt – Olivier Odaert
Production company: TOKU (France)
Producer: Xavier Truchon

About Young Horizons Industry award at Animarkt Stop Motion Forum

As part of the cooperation between our events we have a chance to give Young Horizons Industry award to one project presented at the Animarkt Stop Motion Forum. In 2022 the Young Horizons Industry award was given to the project “Sissi & Caesar” from Chile.

Below photos from the pitching of “Sissi & Caesar” by Gabriela Villalobos at Young Horizons Industry 2023.

photo credit: Michał Mroczkowski
photo credit: Michał Mroczkowski
photo credit: Michał Mroczkowski
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