The Grimmsons

In Development
Format & Type: Animated series
Duration: 13 x 22' (4 seasons)
Production company: Laniakea Pictures
Country of Production: Poland
Target audience: Children 10-12
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
Estimated Budget: 4,625,000 EUR (2 seasons)
Confirmed Budget: 20%
Looking for: Funding, Co-producer, Distribution

A peculiar family of the brothers Grimm lineage goes on a quest to catch runaway fairytale creatures.

The large Grimmson family embarks on a quest to capture dangerous creatures straight from the Grimms’ fairy-tales. A journey full of challenges will lead them to the farthest corners of Europe. While discovering secrets and fighting dangerous Tales (the runaway fable creatures), they will also have to put aside everyday family conflicts and deal with their difficult characters. The magical journey will not do without a confrontation with some terrifying villains: a charlatan circus director, a mysterious witch, the cursed Hans Christian Andersen, and finally the main antagonist – the terrifying Devil. The Tales want to return home, but the villains try to use them for their own mischievous ends. Eventually, despite many difficulties, the Grimmsons will prove to the whole world, and most importantly to each other, that the true strength lies in the unity of a close-knit family, and that nothing will hinder those who value trust, tolerance, and mutual support.

Pitching team

Zofia Jaroszuk


Creative producer at Laniakea Pictures. After gaining experience in international festival distribution she moved to production. As a supervising and creative producer at Animoon, she worked on an array of animated projects including shorts, series and features.

Anna Zychowicz


Creative producer specializing in developing smart entertainment projects. Apart from leading her own projects, she coordinates the development process in Laniakea Pictures. Graduate student from the PWSFTVIT in Lodz and from the Creative Development course at Wajda School.

Konrad K. Mrozik


A seasoned world builder and writer of role-playing games. The experience gained in Warsaw Film School (directing) and during many years of creative work with children allows him to tell stories both engaging and unique. Worlds designed by him are to be the basis of several film projects in development.

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