Work In Progress
Format & Type: Live-action series
Duration: 6 x 13'
Production company: 20 Pictures to Midnight (co-producer RTBF)
Country of Production: Belgium
Target audience: Children 7-9, Children 10-12, Teenagers
Genre: Comedy, Family
Estimated Budget: €625,000
Confirmed Budget: 82%
Looking for: Co-producer, Broadcaster, VOD platform

Anja attends a bully-filled school, hiding her secret to avoid becoming the new victim.

Anja, along with her friends Hicham and Mei, attends Etangs Primary School, where children are not kind to one another. Anja arrived in Belgium from Poland when she was still a baby. She lives alone with her mother, Marzena, who works as a cleaner, and her little brother. Anja idealises Poland, which fuels her passion for nature.

Only Anja’s best friends, Hicham and Mei, know about Anja’s precarious situation; for the rest of the class, it must remain a secret. She doesn’t want to be judged. Anja has witnessed how those with vulnerabilities are treated at school.

The problem escalates when Anja’s mother gets a new job at Etangs School, exactly where they study! Anja goes to great lengths to avoid being seen with her mother. As the pressure mounts, Anja’s secret becomes increasingly burdensome. One day, Anja’s mother is wrongly accused of stealing a phone. Anja faces a dilemma: defend her mother and expose her secret or remain silent and let her mother suffer.

Pitching team

François Lefebvre


François Lefebvre, founder & CEO of 20STM-Studios and 20STM-Pictures, is an award-winning executive producer with over 25 years of experience in the communication and entertainment industry. He produces live-action and animation features and series for RTBF, Streamz, RAI, RTE, Radio Canada, ZDF, and ARTE. He holds degrees in Information and Communication, International Politics, and Development Cooperation. Before founding the 20STM Group, he managed several digital communication agencies and worked as an assistant at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Weronika Kasprzak

Line producer, Script director

Weronika initially pursued academia, earning two master's degrees in French Literature and Political Science, and taught literature at the Université Libre de Bruxelles for seven years. She also translated comics for publishers like Le Lombard and Casterman while gaining experience in audiovisual production at Emakina and 20STM. With 15 years of experience, she has storyboarded, produced, and directed numerous films, ads, and interactive experiences. She created the "Smurf Experience" exhibition and directed "The Small Things," winning multiple awards. Weronika is the line producer and script director of "Mega-Pals" and “BAN" (RTBF/20STM).

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